Hello to any humans, aliens, or internet robots that may have stumbled across this page.

My name is Amber and, at this moment, I'm twenty-two years old.
I graduated from a small liberal arts school in May of 2014 with a B.A. in English and have since then been trying to find my way. It's an odd thing to go from a college cliche to a new state, a new job, and a seemingly new identity. 

A few things about myself---

I used to blog at Laughing With Broken Eyes. I started this blog in high school and maintained it up through college, though my posts became infrequent. I don't plan on deleting the blog, but I don't plan on renewing the domain name either. While I won't say I'm ashamed of the blog, a lot of the posts are very melodramatic, annoying, and somewhat embarrassing. I look at it and don't see an accurate depiction of who I am presently, and for this reason am moving on from it. 

I am not a religious person. I enjoy sharing ideas with others, but I'm not a fan of religious debate. I was raised Roman Catholic and, for reasons of my own, grew disillusioned with my faith. I believe in energy and in life, though what that life may be I do not know. I'd love sharing beliefs if you'd ever like to. Just email me. It's always amazing to share perspectives or hear new ones entirely-- my beliefs are ever changing. As a blanket statement, I identify myself as an atheist. While I'm not sure that the term completely fits me, I do use the term publicly. Perhaps agnostic-theist may fit..  I won't pretend to be certain, because I am not.

I love tarot and the world of the occult. I love the strange, the unconventional-- the dark and creepy shards of life. I love the unease of it.

I drink, occasionally smoke, curse on occasion, etc. I'm extremely flawed and won't act as though I'm not. 

I'll add more to this page as I see fit, but there's really nothing too grand that needs to be said.

Added: My blog name comes from this Neutral Milk Hotel song.